Great job getting your organization up and running! Now that you've created your account you can get to the fun part of choosing a storyline and inviting your team.

We've found that our most successful customers pick a storyline first thing, so that they can get right to business.

Choose from our library of six storylines or talk with a storyline consultant. Next, customize your storyline to suit your specific needs.

Then, you'll invite your team. You can either invite them via email or share a unique invitation link, that will automatically link them to your organization.

After you've invited your team you'll add some storyline details like a name and filming dates.

Once your storyline is created, your job will be to engage with your team and make sure they film the scenes within your storyline.

After they've recorded scenes you'll want to review them to make sure they seem appropriate for your company's video. You can view our guidance on that here.

After all the scenes have the required number of approved videos, your storyline will be sent to WorkReels editors.

They'll have the first draft returned to you within 48 hours.

For a walkthrough of this process, check out the video below.

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