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Setting Up the Instructor Role Add On
Setting Up the Instructor Role Add On
Written by Stephen Bowles
Updated over a week ago

Addon Prerequisites

  1. Third party LearnDash LMS plugin

  2. Third-party WISDM Instructor Role plugin (discount code ELEVOLVEXWISDM20 for 20% off )

Configuration Steps

  1. Purchase the addon from below. You will receive a license key and plugin file via email.

  2. Upload the plugin zip file to your WP site.

  3. Add the License key to Zoom Meetings -> Extensions -> Instructor Role Addon and click activate. This will enable you to use the addon on your site.

  4. If you are not using Separate account configuration: Add instructors on your WP site to your Zoom account from Zoom Meetings -> Add Users.
    โ€‹(a) Important: Make sure you have a credit card added to your Zoom account if you are on a free plan. This is required to enable the Zoom user management feature.
    โ€‹(b) Important: Make sure that the instructor email you add here is similar to the email of your instructor on your WP site Users -> All Users

  5. Once you add the user from here Zoom Meetings -> Add Users. Your Instructor will now receive an email to confirm the invite. See our detailed guide on adding multiple hosts on Zoom.

  6. The Instructor will now be able to create meetings from their dashboard as they will show up as a host in Zoom Meetings -> Add a Meeting -> Meeting Host.

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