Macroinsurance is an idea to bring all the different elements of insurance together to create a single, seamless product where “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

The way most insurance works is strangely disconnected. After all the person at the heart of all these different policies for home, car, travel, life… is you! Yet, the kinds of questions asked and the way risk and pricing is judged often doesn’t join up at all.

Weirdly, even if you pick the same company to insure you for home and motor, for example, because the company has such separate departments handling those things, they may never even connect the two policies. This means answering duplicate questions, managing different providers, different methods of contact and a whole world of administrative headache. Where boundaries are unclear, it’s easy not to be clear on what is covered, what’s covered twice on different policies (leading to extra expense and arguments when claiming!) and – worst of all – what’s not covered at all.

Wrisk is determined to stop this nonsense. By putting the customer at the heart, we can build plans that fit your life – rather than forcing you into our ideas of different products!

Eventually that means you’ll never need to purchase separate home, contents, motor, travel – or any other kind of insurance. We will be able to price risk more accurately, and you won’t need to spend ages studying tiny small print and weighing up benefits and costs.

At the beginning though, we are starting out by just offering contents insurance – everyone has to start somewhere! But we promise, that right from the start we are thinking about the future ideal and everything we do and build is helping to create that!

We’re really glad you’re joining us on the journey.

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