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How do I access Writable from
How do I access Writable from

How teachers access Writable from (for HMH Collections)

Updated over a week ago

Accessing Writable from is easy once it has been activated for your classes using HMH Collections. Follow the 4 simple steps below to activate it for your classes.

1. 'Writable for Collections' will appear in the list of products (#1 below) on

2. Access Writable by clicking on the Writable icon (#2 below).


3. Select your class and click 'Submit' (#3 below). Each class roster is imported into Writable as you click the Writable icon and then 'Submit'.

Steps #2-3 need to be followed for each class that plans to use Writable.


4. Click on the 'Classes' link inside Writable to see a list of your imported classes and students.


Once a class has been imported, you are ready to assign Collections writing tasks inside Writable. Students can then access those assignments by logging into and clicking on the Writable icon.

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