Set up an assignment with multiple sections to help scaffold writing for students. You can also use multiple sections to separate the steps of the writing process, such as planning and drafting. Students will submit each section of the assignment separately.

Note: All sections in an assignment must have their own rubric to guide students and grade writing in that section. You can read more about rubrics here.

Chunking an essay into multiple sections

Using sections, you can break up the assignment so students can focus on more manageable pieces, such as the introduction or a supporting paragraph. You can find pre-made essays broken into parts here in our Explore library, or use these directions to add your own sections to an assignment.

Breaking down the writing process

If you'd like students to focus on the different parts of the writing process, use sections shown as tabs. We recommend a section for planning the writing, and a section for drafting. You can add a graphic organizer to the planning section to support your students. This article has more information on adding and editing sections to an existing assignment.

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