In Writable, co-teachers in a class can grade student work, see student growth over time, assign to classes, and access all assignments given to the class they co-teach.

Note: If your classes are imported from HMH Ed, Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas, Co-Teachers will import from those platforms into Writable.
You do not need to set up Co-Teachers in Writable.

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Add a co-teacher to your Writable class

If your classes are linked to HMH Ed, Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas you will need to manage co-teachers in the LMS.

1. Click 'Classes' at the top of your account and click the class where you'd like to add the Co-Teacher.

2. Click 'Add Co-Teacher.'

3. Type in your colleague's email address and click 'Add Co-Teacher.' Make sure to use the email address they use to log into Writable!

4. When you go back to the 'Classes' view, you'll see your Co-Teacher listed underneath your name.

View your co-taught classes and assignments

  • To see all of the classes you Co-Teach, just log into your account and click 'Classes.' You will see a section labeled 'Co-Taught Classes'.

  • To view your co-taught assignments, click 'My Assignments' at the top of your teacher dashboard. You will see a section labeled 'Co-Taught Assignments'.

Grading with a co-teacher

  • Both the primary teacher and the co-teacher will be able to grade student work in the same way. If both teachers have graded the same student, the teachers will be able to see each other's reviews in the sidebar.

  • Student's will see an average of both teachers' grades as well as comments from both teachers when reviewing their scores.

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