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How do students complete peer reviews?
How do students complete peer reviews?

Learn how students anonymously peer review other writing.

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Using Writable's Peer Review tool, students review and leave feedback on their peers' writing submissions.

Teachers can share this video with students to walk them through the steps of completing a peer review:

How to Complete a Peer Review

1. Log in to Writable and click on the assignment.

2. Click anywhere in the 'Review' tile to begin.


  • Students can see how many reviews they've completed and how many they've been assigned.

  • To ensure all submissions are peer-reviewed, we recommend students do not skip writing submissions.

  • We encourage students to take their time leaving good feedback on their assigned peer reviews, instead of trying to review as many submissions as possible. Only review the assigned number of peer submissions.

3. Read the writing submission of an anonymous peer and evaluate it using the rubric on the right side of the screen. Start by selecting the star rating for a rubric item.

4. Click 'Add Comment' to provide additional feedback. Students can choose a starting comment stem and complete the comment.

Tip! If a rubric item is scored below 100%, the comment box will automatically appear to remind students to leave thoughtful feedback for the writer.

5. After completing the entire rubric and leaving helpful comments, click 'Submit'.

❗ Note: Once a review is submitted, it can't be edited. Reviewers should keep this in mind and make sure to provide plenty of constructive feedback before they click submit.

Students can confirm they have completed the peer reviews on the assignment dashboard here:

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