Peer reviews are anonymous for students, though not for the teacher.

1. After students have logged into Writable and clicked on the tile for the assignment they are working on, they will see the number of peer reviews they must complete on their dashboards under 'Review'. The student can select anywhere inside the 'Review' square to begin the review cycle.

2. Students will be able to read the writing submission of an anonymous peer and evaluate it using the checklist on the right side of the screen.

3. Anytime reviewers give a score of less than 100%, they will automatically be prompted to provide more specific feedback to the writer. Students should click on a comment stem (or 'No thanks, I'll write my own') and complete the comment.

4. If students are reviewing a revision (something that has already been reviewed once but has been changed and resubmitted), they will also need to indicate whether the writer addressed the comments made by the previous reviewer. They do this by clicking a smiley or frowny face next to the comments at the bottom of the checklist.

6. Once they have addressed every item in the checklist and provided comments where necessary, students should click 'Submit.'

❗ NOTE: Once a review is submitted, it can't be edited. Reviewers should keep this in mind and make sure to provide thoughtful feedback before they click submit.

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