Students have both writing and reviewing requirements in Writable. Revision and editor points are one way we try to help motivate students to do their best work in both cases.

Editor Points

Students receive editor/reviewer points when they provide a useful comment in a review that the writer 'hearts' and uses in a revision. (See How does a student revise?)

When a reviewer returns to their dashboard, they’ll see if they’ve received points on the 'Review' side, under 'Comments Hearted'.

Revision Points

Students earn revision points when they submit revisions and reviewers indicate that they have indeed addressed the comments they chose for revision. Reviewers do this by clicking a smiley or frowny face next to the comment at the time of review. (See How does a student review?)

When a writer returns to their dashboard, they’ll see whether they’ve received revision points on the left side, under 'Read & Write'.

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