How do students annotate reading?

Using 'My Notes,' students can annotate their readings in Writable by adding highlights and notes.

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Students can annotate any reading material added to prompts in Writable. These assignments have the 'My Notes' tool, which allows students to highlight parts of the reading and take notes.

1. Students should log into the app, and click on their assignment.

2. Then click 'Read & Write' on their dashboards.

3. As they read, students can highlight passages by selecting the text with their cursors, then selecting a highlighting color.

4. Students can then click on the highlighted text to add a note or tag (or to delete the highlight).

5. Once they’ve finished highlighting, students can access their highlights and notes by clicking the 'My Notes' button in the top right corner.

6. From here, they can filter their highlights by color….

copy highlighted text and paste into their writing…

or access highlights from other articles.

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