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Can students use an embedded Google Doc on an iPad?
Can students use an embedded Google Doc on an iPad?

Learn about using Google Docs in a Writable assignment on iPads.

Updated over a week ago

You can still have students write in a Google Doc if you’re using an iPad, however it won’t look the same as an embedded doc on a desktop or laptop.

Here are some tips for using Google Docs with Writable on an iPad:

  • First, make sure that your students' iPads also have the Google Docs app installed. Then, create a Writable assignment for your Google Classroom classes as usual.

  • When students click to write, they will see an un-editable Google Doc. Students can follow these steps to write:

1. Click 'Open in Google Docs' to open the document in the Google Docs app.

2. Click on the blue pencil in the lower right corner to begin writing in the Google Doc.

3. Write and click the blue checkmark in the top left corner to save changes.

4. Click the top left corner to return to the Writable assignment in the browser.

Student writing will be saved and can be seen in the Writable app, so that peer review and teacher grading can happen as normal. However, when a student needs to make edits to their writing, they’ll need to go through steps 1-4 listed above.

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