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How do students submit Writable assignments to Classroom?
How do students submit Writable assignments to Classroom?

Learn how students find and submit their Writable assignments to Classroom.

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Anytime a student clicks 'Submit' in Writable, the assignment will be 'Turned In' in Google Classroom. Once students are revising their work, the 'Turned In' status stays in place.

Here are the steps for how students find and submit their writing to Google Classroom:

1. Once a teacher assigns, students can click on their assignment in the Classroom Stream:

2. Students will read the assignment details and click to enter Writable:

3. Students may be asked to log into Writable again. They should click "I'm a Student" and then "Sign in with Google."

4. Next, students will see their student dashboard in Writable and click "Read & Write" to begin or continue their work.

5. Students should then write their response and click 'Submit'.
[Note: If the assignment has a reading passage, students will need to click the 'Check & Submit' tab first...]

Then click 'Submit'.

6. Students will then be prompted to confirm that they want to submit their writing for review. They should click 'Submit' and then 'Turn in the Google Classroom Assignment'.

7. This marks the assignment as "Turned In" in Google Classroom, however, the student can continue to use the assignment link to review or revise anytime.

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