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Do Google Docs work inside multi-section assignments?
Do Google Docs work inside multi-section assignments?

Learn how students will experience multi-section assignments with embedded Google Docs.

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What's a multi-section assignment?

A multi-section assignment is one that divides the writing submissions into separate sections, or boxes. These are often used when teachers want to scaffold the writing process more specifically, focusing on different checklists and instructions for each section.

In these assignments, each section is its own Google Doc, meaning students will end up with separate Google Docs for the assignment. Here is how a multi-section essay looks with Google Docs. This screen shows the Introduction section, noted above the Google Doc and on the checklist:

To navigate to the other sections, students can scroll down and click, or click the headings on the right side of the screen.

Students will submit each section individually for review. Once they've completed the assignment, students can copy and paste their sections into a single Google Doc.

We are always looking to improve! Please share your feedback on the multi-section assignment experience with Google Docs with us at

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