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How do scores sync between Writable and Google Classroom?
How do scores sync between Writable and Google Classroom?

Learn how scores stay in sync between Writable and Google Classroom.

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Tip: Scores travel 1-way. Once teachers grade an assignment in Writable, scores are updated and sent to Classroom. However, if a teacher scores in Classroom, the scores do NOT come back into Writable.

When do students see their scores?

Students see their scores inside Writable as soon as they are posted. However, they will only see their scores inside Google Classroom once a teacher clicks "Return" in Classroom. This is because there are a number of peer and self-review scores that happen throughout revision in Writable, and we want to let the teacher decide when the score is "official" to go to the student in Google Classroom.

Do teacher scores over-ride peer and self-review scores in Writable?

Yes. When a teacher score is present, it becomes the defacto score in Writable (and then, as a result, in Google Classroom). In addition, teachers can always over-ride a score in Google Classroom before they return it to the student.

Where do scores from Writable show up in Google Classroom?

Once a score has been "returned", students will see their Writable scores in Classroom on the assignment page and on their list of assignments in Classwork:

Teachers will also see the Writable scores in their 'Grades' section in Classroom:

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