Yes, students can tell a teacher they'd like to 'Unsubmit' in Google Classroom, however, they cannot submit a revision in Writable using 'Resubmit' in Classroom. All submissions and revisions need to be made by using the blue 'Submit' or 'Submit Revision' buttons inside Writable, then they will be re-set as 'Turned In' inside Classroom.

Because revision is never locked in Writable, teachers can enable self-review, peer review, or AI feedback – in addition to teacher grading – to encourage more purposeful revisions.

  1. Students who wanted to revise or finish their work would click 'Unsubmit' in Google Classroom. [Note: This does not take a corresponding action in Writable, it just helps a teacher know that the student is trying again in their Classroom status.]

2. Students can access the assignment again from the Google Classroom stream:

3. Students can click 'Read and Write' to revise their work:

4. When a student submits a revision in Writable and clicks ‘Turn in Google Classroom Assignment’, the teacher knows that the assignment has been re-submitted.


Note: if a teacher does not want students to continue working on an assignment in Writable (for example, a formative assessment or a timed on-demand writing prompt), they can use Collect Papers or remove the assignment from the Classroom Stream or Classwork section.

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