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Do assignment scores sync from Writable to Canvas?
Do assignment scores sync from Writable to Canvas?

Learn how grades in Writable sync to Canvas.

Updated over a week ago

Yes. Teachers can grade student writing in Writable, then see scores sent automatically to their Canvas gradebook.

1. You can grade Writable assignments by clicking the assignment inside Canvas:

2. Then click 'Grade Submissions' on your Writable teacher dashboard.

❗Note: You can also log into Writable directly at to grade. Any writing you grade in a Canvas-connected class in Writable will send grades back to Canvas.]

2. Next, grade a submission in Writable and click 'Submit' or 'Submit & Next'.

3. Go back into Canvas, and click the 'Grades' section of the Course:

4. You will see the score from Writable in the list of grades in Canvas. If you have used points on the assignment in Canvas, they will automatically be calculated based on the Writable percentage score.

❗Note: As you update grades in Writable, grades will be updated in Canvas.

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