RevisionAid works best for prompts that are specific. If you're asking students to write about a book, try to include the title of the book in your prompt. Remember to be clear about what you expect in the students' submissions and avoid broader questions, like "Discuss something you learned in class."

Once your prompt is ready, follow these steps to set up RevisionAid:

1. Click 'Edit' next to the assignment.

2. Then, click the 'Prompt text' box to view, edit, or add your prompts.

3. Click 'Edit' on the prompt you’d like to enable with RevisionAid. If you have more than one prompt you will need to repeat this step for each prompt.

4. Scroll to find the RevisionAid section and click to expand the options. Choose the type of writing that best corresponds with your assignment.

A Note on Choosing Assignment Types:

  • If you're asking for students to respond in a single paragraph, that is the "Short Response" type. If you select any essay type, the algorithm will look for a beginning, middle, and end, which could result in harsher reviews for submissions that do not have that structure.
  • For Informational writing, choose either "Process essay" or "Informational", depending on what your ideal format is. For example, you'd choose "Informational" if you expect the paper to have the classic ingredients for Informational writing, such as a thesis and support. You would choose "Process" if your students will be describing a set of steps or a sequence.
  • If your prompt asks students to choose their own writing topic, select "Personal Narrative," even if you're asking for an argument or informational essay. This will allow you to skip the "Key Themes" setup in the next step and will still result in useful feedback for students.

NOTE: At this time, Fictional Narrative and Poetry assignments are not available with RevisionAid.

5. Now, you will need to enter Key Themes and/or Correct Answers for your prompt.

Need more help? Check out our article about selecting Key Themes and Correct Answers, which help RevisionAid provide more accurate and relevant suggestions to your students.

If you have questions about setting up RevisionAid, please send us a chat message inside Writable or email us at

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