Adding Key Themes that are specific to the students’ expected response will help RevisionAid be more helpful for your students. Click here to learn more about setting up RevisionAid.

How do I select Key Themes?

If you are asked to choose Key Themes for the prompt, please choose between 5 and 8 keywords that describe what the students will be writing about.

When you're selecting Key Themes, think about what you focus on when discussing the topic in class. What themes, ideas, or words do you use with students?

For example: If two teachers are reading Romeo & Juliet with their classes, one might choose the Key Themes: familial love, romantic love, desire, conflict, youth, and relationships. The other might choose: age, marriage, gender, death, and romance.

Both sets of Key Themes are related to the same subject and are equally strong for RevisionAid. However, each is specific to how the teacher discusses topics with the class.

❗NOTE: Key Themes are not words you require students to mention, nor should they be related to the structure of the essay (such as "evidence," "claim," etc.).

How do I enter Correct Answers?

If you select "Short Answer (Single Paragraph)", in addition to Key Themes you'll also have the option to enter Correct Answers. If your prompt asks students to include specific details in their responses, we recommend including those specific details in this area.

For example: If students are asked to name the three branches of government as well as explain what each does, you'd type the following into Correct Answers: executive, legislative, judicial. Doing so would set the requirement that all three be mentioned for the student to get credit.

NOTE: Including Correct Answers is optional. If there is nothing entered, the RevisionAid will still analyze whether the student's writing is a coherent answer that is on topic.

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