In order to use RevisionAid you will need to enable it for your prompts. You can read more here.

Once you've enabled RevisionAid and students have submitted writing, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Dashboard from 'My Assignments' by clicking the assignment and selecting the class you'd like to check on.

2. Click 'Grade Submissions' on your dashboard if you’d like to go through all submitted work...

Or scroll down and find your student roster to click the 'Last graded (Last submission)...' link to the right of the student's name to view their assignment details.

3. Click the 'RevisionAid' button in the top right corner, above the checklist.

4. Click on each piece of feedback (in green, yellow, or red) to expand it and read more.

5. When you return to your dashboard, you can also click the RevisionAid tab to see student performance based on RevisionAid feedback.

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