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How do I connect my Google or Microsoft account? (HMH Ed)
How do I connect my Google or Microsoft account? (HMH Ed)

Connect your Google or Microsoft account after logging in with an LMS or Ed

Updated over a week ago

When you initially access Writable from an HMH platform (such as Ed or my.hrw), you and your students will be asked to connect a Google or Microsoft account during your first login. We strongly encourage you to make this connection or you may end up with two separate accounts and assignment lists in Writable. Your students may be asked to take this one-time step too.

If you did not connect your account to Google/Microsoft the first time through login, you and your students can make the connection following these steps:

1. From your account in Writable, click your profile picture in the upper right corner.

2. Click 'Account Details' in the dropdown.

3. In Account Details, click 'Add More Logins'.

4. Click 'Sign In with Google' or 'Sign in with Microsoft' and use the account that is connected with your district/school login. Click 'Done' when you've finished.

If you choose to SKIP connecting a Google or Microsoft account, your students' assignments may show up in two places (making them harder to manage), especially if:

  • You used Writable during the '19-20 school year

  • You created an account in the past at

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