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Can I 'Sign in with Schoology' if I already have a Writable account?
Can I 'Sign in with Schoology' if I already have a Writable account?
Add your existing Writable account to your Schoology login
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Yes! When you use the 'Sign in with Schoology' button on, you may wonder what happens to your existing Writable account that you have used in the past with a Google or Microsoft login.

That account and all its assignments and grades can be linked to your new Schoology login. If your email address on your Google or Microsoft login is the same as what your district uses for Schoology, the accounts may come together automatically.

Follow these steps to ensure your accounts are connected. Contact us at if you need help.

Tip: You may have several accounts connected, such as an HMH Ed login or both Google and Microsoft. That's ok! However, each 'Class' in Writable can only have one "master roster". For example, you may have some classes imported from Ed, others from Schoology, and others from Google Classroom. Grades can only go to one place for each Class in Writable, so please choose the Class you'd like to see in your gradebook when you click 'Assign'.

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