Using Writable with HMH Ed? Check out additional system requirements here.

Writable is a web-based program for grades 3-12 and works best with these system requirements and integrations:

  • Desktop computers and laptops (including Chromebooks)

  • Large tablets (such as iPads or Surfaces)

  • Modern browsers recommended (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Edge)

  • Teacher login using Google, Microsoft, or Schoology (if set up by administrator)

  • Student login using Google, Microsoft, or a username and password

  • Roster courses and sync grades through Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or HMH Ed

  • Student experience only: Mobile phone support is now available for writing and revision. Note that not all features within peer review are available on mobile devices

We also recommend asking your IT department to clear Writable domains through network filters and proxies. You can view the full list here: What domains must be whitelisted to access Writable?

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