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How do students use GrammarAid?
How do students use GrammarAid?

While drafting, students can get immediate grammar feedback on their writing.

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Students can use GrammarAid as long as their teacher has enabled it for the assignment. The steps below detail how students will see and interact with GrammarAid.

1. Have students open an assignment and click 'Read & Write'.

2. As students write, GrammarAid will underline suggested edits. In the picture below you can see the three different colors students may see, which correspond to the type of suggestion. Students will hover over an underlined word or phrase to see more information.

  • Red: Spelling error
    Students will be shown alternatives for a spelling error to replace the identified word. They can also choose to ignore the mistake or add the word to their dictionary.

  • Blue: Grammar error
    For possible grammar issues, students will be shown a suggestion. Students can also click the 'i' icon to view more information.

  • Yellow: Syntax error/Word choice recommendations
    Students can hover over yellow underlines to view tips about word choice. Clicking the 'i' icon will provide additional details. Some pop-ups will include a short informational video for students to view.

Note: GrammarAid provides AI feedback to a student and is ideally combined with human feedback such as teacher, self, or peer review.

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