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How do I export grades for Schoology Gradebook?
How do I export grades for Schoology Gradebook?

Manually export assignment grades to import into your Schoology gradebook

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The Schoology integration with Writable will automatically sync your grades to your Schoology gradebook. If you'd like to import Writable grades manually you can follow these steps after you've graded the assignment.

1. Visit 'My Assignments' and click on your assignment in Writable.

2. Click on the class you'd like to export.

3. Click on the download icon located on the right hand side of the screen.

4. A drop-down menu will appear with 'More Export Options.'

5. Click 'Export' and select 'Export for Schoology'.

6. Set the maximum number of points for the assignment. Then click 'Export'.

7. The CSV file will automatically download to your computer. You can log in to your Schoology account and import the file using these directions from the Schoology Support Community:

Note: If your school or district has set up a Schoology integration, your grades should sync automatically to your Schoology gradebook. If you are having trouble, please contact the Writable Support Team and

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