Writable understands how important data and reporting is when making instructional decisions. License Administrators and Viewers in Writable can review and export data across their school or district to improve usage, monitor proficiency, and show growth.

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Viewing Usage for a School or District

License Administrators can view which teachers have created Writable accounts and are working with students using the Licensing Tools in Writable. Seat usage can be broken down by school and teacher, and can be copied and pasted into a document for records.

An example license view

Viewing Multiple Assignments Over Time

If you'd like to export data from multiple assignments over time, the Proficiency & Recommendation Report is a great place to look. Administrators can configure the report to show specific schools, grade levels, teachers, and assignments. Once set up, the detailed report can be exported to a CSV.

Grouping Students by Skill and Level

The Proficiency & Recommendation Report provides an at-a-glance view of student proficiency in reading and in 3 key writing modes- Argument, Informational, and Narrative. Administrators can view student groupings by proficiency across these areas and assign recommended activities to those groups.

Measuring Growth from One Assignment to Another

Writable's Growth Report allows administrators and teachers to compare data from two assignments side-by-side. Ideal for comparing a pre-assessment and post-assessment, Growth Reports can be filtered by school and teacher.

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