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How do students sign in with Schoology?
How do students sign in with Schoology?
Students can use the "Sign in with Schoology" option to quickly log in to Writable and complete assignments.
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1. Visit and click 'I'm a student'.

2. Click the 'Sign in with Schoology' option.

3. Choose your state and your school from the list.

Note: If your school or district is missing from the list, this means your district may not be set up to 'Sign in with Schoology'. Reach out to your teacher for more direction.

4. Click 'Approve'. This allows Writable to connect your Schoology and Writable accounts.

Note: You may be asked to log into an additional screen that looks like your district Schoology or portal login.

5. That's it! You are logged in and can begin working on your assignments.

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