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Why does my rubric show an additional star rating?
Why does my rubric show an additional star rating?

Read to learn how Writable's new rubric changes may impact your existing rubric items.

Updated over a week ago

In an effort to simplify scoring, Writable has replaced half-star rating options. Rubrics now only include full-star proficiencies, each worth a specific amount of points or percentage.

In previously-created rubrics and assignments, teachers may notice an additional star rating where a half-star had been used. Let’s take a look at an example:

  • In this previous rubric, the half-star option had been used to provide a zero score for students. There were only 4 visible stars to choose from while grading. The 1-star rating also included a half-star option for zero points.

  • Following the changes, an existing rubric will show 5-star rating levels, with the lowest rating being worth zero points.

  • If you’d like to clarify the scoring options, you can choose to edit how the proficiency ratings are shown while scoring. Specifically, you can edit if you would like to show each rating as either stars or points/percentages.
    Click here to follow the directions for editing an assignment.

  • If the points/percentage option is chosen scoring will appear as such, with a clear zero-score option.

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