• Reduce image sizes to be below 1m (Optimize Your Images), this helps a lot in the website loading speed which will provide your customers with a better experience and boost your SEO performance. Use the attached tool in the link below to start optimizing your images.

  • Disable unnecessary languages. When you add a new language, it takes the website more time to load the pages so this affects your website SEO performance.

- Ex: If your website included 10 pages, after adding a new language, your website will include 20 pages.

  • Add your page settings properly to boost your presence on Search Engines (Page title, meta discerption, keywords).

  • Use keyword-rich URLs: Always include your target keywords in the URL to increase your chances of ranking better in search results.

  • Index to Google search console so you can appear faster on Google.

  • URL Inspection Tool: Submit your website page by page using the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console for faster indexing.

  • Site Map: We currently have no option to submit your site's Site Map but it's in our pipeline and will be released soon.

Backlinks: Focus on getting more Authoritative Backlinks. Visit the attached below to learn more

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