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Invest without breaking the bank

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Fractional trading further lowers the barrier for investing by allowing anyone to own as little as $1 worth of stock. We are thrilled to be able to offer fractional trading support in our strategies. This enables clients with smaller account sizes to participate in our portfolio management strategy and premium advisory services.

How it works: Some of the companies we own have shares that are upwards of $3000 per share! In order to offer our services to everyday folks, we have to be able to buy a smaller piece of that expensive stock. With fractional trading support on over 2,000 equities - as offered through our brokerage/custodial partner, our clients can leverage our services and stay invested even in some high-priced names we pick. We can buy as little as $1 or 1/1,000,000th (six zeros) a share! We have also conducted extensive backtesting that shows better returns as more of your money is invested instead of sitting on the sidelines.

IMPORTANT: Fractional shares are not transferable. If you close your account or transfer your account to another firm, the fractional share will need to be liquidated.

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