Meet Sara. She loves looking at problems and coming up with creative solutions. But every solution entails another huge project that she doesn’t have the time or resources for.

Imagine if Sara could somehow know the challenges top companies from all over the world are trying to solve. She could focus her creativity on developing solutions for the critical needs facing these companies. Now, with Sara coming up with the ideas, companies are free to focus on development and commercialization.

Xinova partners with innovators and companies from all over the world to help solve their most challenging innovation problems. We do this by carefully defining the company’s problems and sharing them with our highly qualified network of innovators. They have diverse backgrounds ranging from material science to chemical engineering or business development. 

This allows innovators, like Sara, to solve actual business problems facing companies like PepsiCo, Funai, and Lutronic. And, by sharing upside, Sara is personally invested in the project’s success. Xinova works with the innovators and clients to identify and select solutions that best address the business challenges.

Sara’s ideas can earn her thousands of dollars. On a typical project, Sara gets paid: 

  1. If Xinova presents her idea to the client 
  2. If the client wants to own that idea 
  3. If the idea is patented or turned into a trade secret. 

The best part? If Sara’s idea is commercialized, she will get paid based on how well it sells. The best part for Sara is that Xinova handles all necessary patenting and prototyping for the ideas after selection.

Xinova gives innovators like Sara the unique opportunity to work with leading companies from all over the world, turning their ideas into reality.

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