Specifying a specific page on XOOT is not that difficult as it seems to be. One requires to follow a few simple steps to achieve the same.

So, here are the steps required to specify a custom page URL in Xoot:

Step 1: Find the Page.

Visit the page of your store which you wish to exclude.

For example, the URL of the desired page is https://shopme204.myshopify.com/pages/contact-us.

Step 2: Inspect the Page.

Right-click anywhere on the webpage. A new pop-up will emerge with different functions. Here click on the “Inspect” or use the Ctrl+Shift+I.

Step 3: Copy and paste the given code in Console-


After clicking Inspect, a new screen will appear at the bottom of the webpage. Here, tap on “Console” and copy-paste the given code. Now, click Enter and you will see the pathname of your page.

Step 4: Paste the pathname.

Copy "/pages/contact-us" and simply paste into the Custom URL Box. (take reference from the below screenshot)

Note: In the case of multiple pages, add comma separated pathname such as /pages/contact-us, /pages/about-us, /pages/reviews, etc.

We hope you have gotten all your answers related to excluding pages and can easily customize the XOOT apps.

Thank you for reading. Happy Selling!

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