Center Stage Station Configurations

In addition to scheduling informational, promotional and commercial messages, CSScheduler is used for station configurations. This includes the creation of station IDs and licensing Center Stage Live and other add-on modules.

Station Configuration

Station and Logos, is a system-wide configuration that defines how the station will be identified throughout the Center Stage Live system. Station IDs may be your call letters, street name or any other unique identifier. This information is used internally, allowing the individual modules to identify what configuration and/or copy is used for which station.

  1. Start Center Stage Scheduler from the shortcut on the computer desktop.
  2. Select “Station and Logos” from the Tools menu. 
  3. Ensure that the Start In directory is correct.
  4. Media Files can be ignored.
  5. Show entries for defines how long to keep entries after the end date.
  6. Station ID identifies this station within the system and must match ID’s in other modules.
  7. Logo is optional and may be left blank. This field is required for HD logos to display.
  8. Generate Studio Folder (only required when used with CS Copy Management)
  9. Password is optional. When this is used, you will need it to change studios in CSLive.
  10. Update Station is used to add the station to the list. Double click any entry in the list to remove it. Note: Only the number of stations licensed can be added.
  11. Update System Settings is used to update all the modules across the Center Stage system with the new station configurations. Select this once all stations have been updated.

Center Stage Live Registration

Registration is only done once and each access code will cover all stations at the site. This should be done once station IDs have been entered.

  1. Select “Register/Upgrade” from the Tools menu. 
  2. Enter the Center Stage Live (CSL) Access Code provided by Arctic Palm.
  3. Click the green Register button.
  4. Enter the CSPRM Access Code provided by Arctic Palm.
  5. Click the green Register button.
  6. When completed, click Close.

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