CSPRM has been updated for Metapub Version 2. This version includes several new features including:

  • Next Event metadata included in CSRDS feed to pre-stage artwork for next event while current event is Playing.
  • Program Name filtering for a better listener display. (1A instead of 1A 1100-1200)
  • Re-Send option to send CSRDS the current event as required for a restart or new schedule
  • Automatic Re-Send for long term programming. Some devices will use default messages should a new message not be received in a specified period. This will keep the current event in the display.
  • 2 Day Schedule display. CSPRM will download, parse, sequence and list all available programming for the previous and current day. The Schedule view displays all programs with thier associated time in Easter Time. This time can be used to calculate the necessary time shift required for a given program.
  • The 2 day capture reduces the need to poll Metapub reducing the overhead on the local syatem as well as the MetaPub Servers
  • Available PRSS programming will automatically be added to the program List as they become available in MetaPub

CSPRM Metapub Version 1 Users:

  • Depending on your installation you may need to update your CSUpdate application to update to this version. To do so Click Here to download and install the latest updater. If requested, you will need to allow the CSUpdate installation and CSUpdate.exe application to run. To do so, Select "Run Anyway" when requested.
  • If you have 1A or Marketplace in your schedule, modify the schedule to select 1A or Marketplace without the times. Your scheduled times will select the correct events and the times will be eliminated from the display)
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