Posted Artwork to JMSAC:####

Configuration Setting: CSRDS Tools->Properties->HD/IP Output Tab

HD Section: Exporter or Importer IP and Port and select JMSAC as the HD Format

CSRDS Tools->Properties->Other

IP and Port to PC running JMSAC, HD Channel and Data Service Names

Sample Log Message: OCT-13 15:14:29 Posted Artwork to JMSAC:1059

CSRDS will verify the artwork file then assign a lot ID to valid and send the artwork to the JMSAC module. The graphic file must be a valid jpg (some jpg formats are not accepted eg: progressive jpg) or png file 170x170 to 200x200 pixels and 24kb or less. If the file does not meet the specification it will be dropped, an error will be issued and the Logo will be used instead. One can go to to verify that the logo meets specification.


Log Error:OCT-13 15:12:03 You And Tequila Heigth:170 pixels Width:159 pixels 5kb S:\CSWRITE\ARTWORK\304E6FE82EDBDP8.jpg

If there are no errors the Event Viewer JMSAC tab will display the command sent to the JMSAC module. If the artwork does not show on the receiver, check the JMSAC logfile located in jmsac-tools/data directory.


  • Check the HD/IP Output Tab to ensure the IP and Port are correct.
  • Check the JMSAC section of the Other tab to ensure the IP and port point to the JMSAC computer. The default is TCP/IP on port 7777 but can be modified in the so ensure the JMSAC properties match the CSRDS properties.
  • The Other Tab is also used to define the channel (HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4) and data service names. For HD1 ensure the IP in the HD/IP Output tab is for the Exporter and for HD 2,3,4 the IP is the Importer (If using Gen4 equipment which has one unit that serves both functions, the IP address will be the same, however, the ports need to be assigned for each channel).
  • Ensure the Data Service Names (DSN1, DSN2) defined in CSRDS have been defined in MSAC and on your importer or Gen4 device.
  • Ensure that you have allotted at least 4kb of bandwidth for your data services on your importer/Gen4 unit.


Note: it can take up to 50 seconds to send artwork to the receiver. If we do not get next events the artwork may not get to the receiver in time.

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