Sent to MultiPort Feed

Configuration Setting: CSRDS ->Tools->Properties->General Tab

Send to MultiPort

 Center Stage Live includes the CSMultiPort module that will send the same metadata in the same format to multiple RDS\RBDS Encoders or to multiple HD Systems. To activate this process we run one instance of CSRDS and select Send to MultiPort to send data to the first Encoder and/or HD system and CSMultiPort posts data to the others. When set, CSRDS will create a file for the RDS\RBDS process and a separate command for the HD processes. These files will be created in the CSL installation directory named CSMP_xxxx.CMD and CSMP_xxxxx.SAC for the HD systems.

When the file is updated, CSMultiport will read the file, update the CSMultiPort Event log and send the metadata to each device in the CSMultiPort configuration.


  • If CSMultiPort does not see the CMD or SAC file check the Station ID in CSMultiPort to ensure it matches the PS in CSRDS.
  • CSMultiPort is sending data, but not received. May need to check TTL (Time to Live) for multiple networks.
  • Same Overview Communications issues


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