1. Manually create a shortcut on the desktop pointing to the CSRDS.exe program in the file server directory.

This can be accomplished by right clicking on the desktop and selecting New then selecting Shortcut. Next, browse to the CSRDS.exe program.

2. Double click the new shortcut to start another instance of CSRDS and select “Properties” from the “Tools” menu.

When started, this instance of CSRDS will use the same configuration settings as the original instance of CSRDS. When we open the “Properties” window, CSRDS is stopped and ready for the changes.

3. Enter the call letters for the new station or select it from the dropdown list and click “Default Settings”. When requested, click “Yes” to create the new directories.
DO NOT click Save.

4. Make the necessary configuration changes for the new station.

Once the PS has been entered in the RDS/RBDS Encoder tab, click “Save” to create the new configuration file.

5. Add the PS to the shortcut and rename the shortcut to identify which shortcut is for which station. Right click the shortcut on the desktop and select “Properties”.

The PS will need to be added to each shortcut to ensure the shortcut uses the correct configuration settings:

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