Program times for the PRSS MetaPub metadata is stored in Eastern Time which will be displayed in the Schedule Events window (Start Time, End Time and Duration). To accommodate programming for stations in other time zones or time shifting CSPRM has the options for scheduling the correct metadata.

Figure 1

Metadata Selection

CSPRM will download the entire MetaPub metadata for both the current and previous day (fig.1). Every few seconds CSPRM will use the computer time and scheduled program to search this list to find the metadata . If the metadata has changed from the last search the metadata xml for the selected station and program is updated for CSRDS.

Time Zone Options

Option 1 Live Broadcast

If the station is airing the program live, there is no need to set any Time Zone Options. CSPRM will use the computer’s time zone settings to adjust the local time to Eastern Time.This is calculated using the PC’s Time Zone setting shown in the Blue Time Zone display.

For Example:A station in the Central Time Zone airing Classical 24 from 8am-10am CT with no Time Zone settings tells CSPRM to post metadata from 9am-11am ET. 

Option 2 Program is aired in the same day part

If the station in the Pacific Time Zone is airing the program at the same time as the ET broadcast we select Use ET TZ. For example: a station airing the 10am to 11am ET Morning Edition segment at 10am to 11am PT select Use ET TZ and CSPRM will post the data scheduled from 10am-11am ET.

Option 3 Time Shifting, Join in Progress, etc

If a station is recording or delaying the live broadcast for later playback we use the Time Shift and TS- or TS+ to adjust the time of the live broadcast in Eastern Time to the time we will air the program. We can use the times shown in the Scheduled Events view to calculate the time adjustment.For Example : A station has delayed the live broadcast for 1A from 10:30-11AM Eastern and will air the program at 1pm local time we would schedule the program to run from 1pm to 1:30pm and set the Time Shift to 2:30 and select TS-. At 1pm CSPRM will adjust the PC’s time but 2.5 hours and select the metadata schedule at that time. 

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