Should it be necessary to move the Center Stage Installation to another computer we can copy the existing installation to the new computer but we will need to setup a few items on the new computer.

Step 1. Setting Up the New computer

  • Copy the entire Center Stage Installation directory from the old computer located in the "Local Disk Drive" (Folders ARCTICPALM, CenterStage, CSWrite, etc) to the new computer "Local Disk Drive". This will copy all existing data and any program updates since the original installation to the new computer. 
  • Run the Client installation setup for each module that will be running on the new computer eg: CSRDS (Path: Local Disk Drive/ARCTICPALM/CenterStage CD/Clients)

Step 2. Configuring the New computer

  • Copy any CS*.ini, CS*.inf and CS*.sys files from the root of the windows directory of the old computer (Path: Local Disk/User/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Windows) to the root of windows directory onto the new computer using same path as old computer. Note: The ini, inf and sys files include file paths based on the drive mappings. If any drive mappings were used on the old computer you will need to ensure the same mappings are used on the new computer. If not, you may need to reconfigure the various modules to look at the new drive.

Step 3. Running Center Stage Programs on the New Computer

  • If you are running any Center Stage Programs on the new computer, you will need to run the Client install for those modules. These are located in the Center Stage install set directory.
  • For Example to run CSRDS, CSScheduler and CSWeather client on the new computer run the CSRDS client install (ARCTICPALM/Center Stage CD/Clients/CSRDS/setup.exe)

Step 4 Validating the License

  • Be sure to use the same Station ID’s on the new computer as the old computer. These should have been copied as part of Step 1 and will ensure the license is valid. To check this, start CSScheduler and ensure you see the stations and select "About" from the Help Menu. This will show the number of licensed stations or the trial evaluation end date. If a trial expiry date is shown contact Arctic Palm for an updated license.
  • If you do not see the files listed, select Stations and Logos from the Tools menu and set the Start In Directory.

Step 5 Network Users

  • If Center Stage programs are used by others on the network you will need to re-map those users to the new computer. If possible, change their drive mapping to use the existing drive letter to point to the new computer. This will eliminate the need to update their individual configurations.

Step 6 Validate Connectivity

  • The old computer may have had some Firewall and/or Security settings allowing programs like CSRDS and CSSirius to access other computers or external sites. If so, be sure the new computer has the same settings. Please note, programs such as CSRDS and CSSirius automatically send data to internal and external devices and services. As such, security software may block their access while allowing manual access. Be sure to use the Allow option for these programs in any security software on the new computer


If your setup includes local and remote instances of CSRDS, schedules are saved in the users AppData/temp directory. However, you can also use the Restore Configuration in the CSRDS tools menu to reset them on a new PC as long as you have copied the entire Center Stage directory with the inibackup directory. Every time a configuration is saved in CSRDS, a new backup .ini file is written.

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