The following goes over how to setup an instance of CSRDS to output data to Futuri's Echo when the existing instance is already using the Stream/IP field to output to another location.  Note: If remote instances of CSRDS are also configured for the station, the steps will need to be repeated for the remote instances as well.

For users who are not already using the Stream/IP output field in their configuration, an additional instance of CSRDS is not necessary. In that case, follow steps 4 - 6 to setup CSRDS for Futuri Echo.

  1. Open the instance of CSRDS with the desired source. Notice the .INI file in the yellow field to the top right and the target line that is added to the shortcut on the lower left in the green field.

2. In the top right corner, in the white box following the .INI file name, add an extension. You should see the green target field update with the extension information.

3. Click Save. After you've done so, you should see the .INI filename change in the yellow field to reflect that a new file has been generated incorporating the extension into the name.

4. Navigate tothe HD/IP Output tab.
5. Enter the IP and Port for Echo
6. Select "Use Template" as your Output Format.
7. In the "Merge Template" field, browse to the futuri.txt in your CenterStage directory.

7. Since this is a slightly modified version of an existing instance of CSRDS, you'll want to clear all your other output fields (ie: RDS, FTP, HD, Tag Station etc) so not to send duplicate data or lock up ports.

8. Click OK

9. Create a shortcut on your desktop with the target information added to the command line.

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