Once the CSScheduler data entry window is opened, we can schedule messages by completing the steps below:

  1. Click the RDS tab to schedule a message for datacasting.
  2. Enter a name or identifier in the “Reference” area. This is for internal use; allowing you to find specific messages. This information is never sent to the datacasting services.
  3. Enter a description in the “Caption” area. This information is for internal reference and does not go to the datacasting services.
  4. In the large text area, enter the message as you would like it to appear on the displays. Since RDS messages are limited to 64 characters, the character count is displayed to allow you to size the message properly.
  5. Using the Station ID list to the right, select the station(s) where this message is to be used. Please note, the ID shown in this area must match the Center Stage Station ID as defined in the General Tab of CSRDS.
  6. Using the Calendar buttons, select the start and end dates. The start date is the first date the message will be used, and the end date is the last date the message will be used. Use “TFN” for entries to run until further notice.
  7. If necessary, enter the on and off times and select the days of the week the message should be used. If no times are entered, 24/7 is assumed.
  8. Click “Update” to save the message.
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