1. Go to the tools menu in CSScheduler and select "Center Stage Access Control"

2. Select "Allow Updates to Web Site"

3. Click "Update"

You should now see a "Web Posting" area available in your RDS tab. 

To post to HD, select "CSLive". 

Below your posting options is the image field where you can click the camera command to browse to the image you wish to post.

Use the Browse command to select the directory where the image files are located. 

If the directory has multiple image files use the Last and Next commands to scroll through the images. When the correct image is found Click Add File to assign it to the event. 

Remove File to remove it from the event or Delete to remove it from the event and delete  the image file.

Since images may be assigned for Live Copy events the files can be jpg, png, gif,or bmp. However, if the HD option is selected the file must meet the HD requirements. (jpg or png, 170x170 to max 200x200 and less than 24kb with smaller being better. 8-12kb files look good on the HD display, take less time to transfer and are more likely to display.

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