The CSContest Software is designed to simplify the control, processing and prize collection for your station's contests. At the same time, the software captures and provides access to your listeners through reporting, data extracts, mail labels and even an automated personalized e-mail to listeners requesting information via e-mail --- No Spam.

The software has four modules, CSConSet, CSContest, CSPickup and CSMailer.

CSConSet is the contest maintenance module providing the necessary commands to create and schedule contests and promotions. This module includes the entire after contest processes for tracking listeners, selecting grand prizewinners, listener contact, etc.

CSContest is the On-air module providing the on-air staff this daily log of all contests to be run and the necessary process to capture and verify winner information. Based on the individual’s name or telephone number, the announcer will be shown previous wins for all related stations, highlighting wins on this station in the last 30 days.

CSPickup is used in your prize pickup area to award prizes. Again, using the individual’s name or telephone number the program will display all contest and prize information. In addition, any notes, questions, requests recorded by the on-air staff at the time of the win are shown for a more personal touch. When the prize is collected, the program will print a prize collection receipt that includes the station's disclaimer, release rights, and an e-mail notification request.

CSMailer scans your promotions e-mail inbox looking for individuals that have signed up via your web page (web form), individuals requesting the opt-out (un-subscribe) or have un-deliverable e-mail addresses. When the scan is completed, the users will have the option to update the new entries or remove the opt-out entries. The CSMailer module requires Microsoft Outlook.

Remote Access The CSContest software includes a special Remote version that can be installed on a laptop or other PC used at a remote location. (Trade Shows, Fairs, Concerts, etc.) Using the CSContest winner extract, your listener data can be downloaded to the remote PC for use at the event. When the event is over, the new information may be extracted from the remote PC and imported back to the network. The remote Access version does not require a license but is limited to two contests at any one time.


CSContest is licensed by the station and does not require individual workstation licenses. Therefore, you may install as many copies of the individual modules as necessary at your site. The remote version has a two-contest limit and may be installed on as many remote workstations as required.


With CSContest version 5.2 and higher, we can post winners/qualifiers to Twitter and/or Facebook using the new CSSocial Plug-in. Once configured and authenticated, we will post the winning or qualifier at a user definable period.

“Congratulations Brian from Orlando our Hit of the Day Winner”

Language Support

If desired, the CS Contest Management windows may be shown in English, Spanish or French. To change the language, select the language from the Window Menu.

Please note, the Language and Keyboard settings control how the computer handles date information which will be determined by the keyboard language setting. The date formats of DDMMMYY will be determined by the language setting. When entering dates you will need to follow the format defined in the computers Language Settings. For Example, 15AUG09 in English would be 15Août09 if French and 15AGOSTO09 in Spanish. It is the Keyboard setting and NOT the language setting that will control how dates are entered.



CSConSet Contest Maintenance


The first time you run the Contest Module you will need to define your ID’s, default information, and your disclaimer / release information. The ID’s and defaults are configured by selecting Properties from the Tools Menu or selecting the Properties Icon from the Toolbar.

Properties (Tools-->Properties - Properties Icon)

Station ID
Enter the Station ID, as it is to appear on all lists and windows or select from the drop down list.
Select the Logo from the list of logos or use the Browse button to find the station's logo file. (JPG, Gif, BMP, WMF, etc)
Day Part
Enter the names of the various day parts or show names.
Use the Clear or Add buttons to delete or add a station to your station list.
If desired, a Password can be set to prevent unauthorized access to the contest data.
Default Data Entry
The following information can be entered to simplify data entry. Each of the default fields will be automatically entered when a new winner entry is started.
Enter the most common state or province.
Area Code
Enter the most common area code.
Enter the most common Country.
Load Last
To speed the load process in the on-air studios you may limit the number of winners loaded to this number of days.
Collect In
Enter the number of days the winners have to collect their prize.
Access Last
Set the number of days since a contest has ended that it will appear in the Contest Drop down list. This date will eliminate old contest, from the list without actually deleting the contest or the winner data.
Auto Set Spec Handling
When selected, the default for winning entries will set the Spec Handling code for reception. Normally used when prize pickup is at another location. Allows reception to create prize list for that location.
Do not print Signatures
Use this option if the disclaimer has a pre-printed area for signatures. If not checked the program will automatically add signatures to the winner sheet.
Sender's E-Mail Address
This is the e-mail address that will be used as the return address for mass e-mailings. This should match the actual e-mail address of the sender's account and will be overridden by the outlook setting.
Verification E-Mail Address
Used for testing e-mail. If using Rich Text or HTML you may find your e-mail service does not support this format and your formatting has been replaced by plain text. Use an address outside of your e-mail system to verify the e-mail format.
Template Location
If you are merging your contest data with a template file for e-mail, enter the location where the template files are located. A template file is normally an HTML file with the HTML formatting commands and the CS Contest Merge codes.
Enter the most common city or town in your market. You may also use the City list to create a dropdown list of cities in the On-Air module.
Use the Clear command to clear the current station display.
To delete a station, select the station from the dropdown list and click Delete.
Click the Add button to add the station to your list.

Click the Apply or OK button to update your changes.


When the Prize Receipt is printed, using the Pickup module, your station's disclaimer and release notice will also be printed. If desired you can create multiple disclaimers for use with different contest prize conditions or based on the winner. For example you may one disclaimer for trips with a simpler one for CD’s or a disclaimer for adults and another for under age winners.

Select Disclaimer from the View Menu or click the Exclamation Icon on the Toolbar to access the Disclaimer / Release form window.

To modify an existing disclaimer, select it from the bure drop down list, make the necessary modifications and click Update.

To create a new Disclaimer, enter the disclaimer identifier (up to 10 character code) in the ID area, type or cut and paste the disclaimer into the text area and click Update.

You may personalize the Disclaimer/Release form using the “merge” commands shown at the bottom of the window. E.g. Enter *S* in the copy at every location you would like the station id information to appear. When used, CSPickup will use the station id as defined in the Stations setup and place it in the disclaimer.

To verify how this will appear, use the View button and the program will display an example of how the release will appear using a sample Name, Contest, Station ID, Win Date and Legal date in the locations you have marked in the copy.

If multiple disclaimer/release notices are entered, you may select the disclaimer/release and assign it to a contest when scheduling the on-off and prize information for the contest. Reception will have the option to select the appropriate disclaimer/release for winner related notices.

Save as CSBallot Message
If this is the CSBallot computer, add the message to be displayed on the CSBallot window.

Contest Data Entry/Maintenance

To correct a contest, select the contest from the Contest List.
For a new contest, select New from the File menu or click the New icon in the toolbar. Do not select a contest from the drop down list.
Enter the name of the contest, as it is to appear on all other modules, lists and reports.
Enter the Start date of the contest as DDMMMYY i.e. 05MAY02 or click the “C” and select the date from the calendar.
Enter the End date of the contest as DDMMMYY i.e. 05MAY02 or click the “C” and select the date from the calendar
Collect BY
If the winner has more than the normal collection period. Ideal for event tickets where the tickets are not available for several weeks.
Age Limit
If the contest is restricted by age, enter the minimum age requirement. When used, the on-air module will require an age entry either with the date of birth or the age range.
Enter the names of any sponsors or co-sponsors. This provides sponsors with a list of winner names and addresses. Be sure your release covers this use and your contestant agrees to the condition.
Grand Prize Draw
When used, a Grand Prize contest will be available to the on-air staff along with the Grand Prize Icon. When used, the program will randomly select a winner from the contest and all contests with the same promo code.
Promo Code
Based on a given promotion, you may have several different contests, run schedules, prizes, etc. as part of a single promotion. Simply add the same promotion code to all of the related contests and you may access all of the contests as a single entry for Grand Prize winners, reporting, e-mails, labels, etc.
Select the station or station(s) that will be running the contest. The same contest may run on multiple stations.
The link to this automation system such as the Audio File ID (cart number) or information contained in the artist or title information. Requires Center Stage Live or iMediaTouch automation systems.
When checked, the information entered in the Rules and Regulations area will be printed on the "Winners Sheet" along with the prize information. Leave un-checked, to print only the prize information.
Select this option to send the winners and/or qualifiers to your Twitter and/or Facebook page
Enter the Hash Tag to use for the Social Media Postings
Enter the URL to include in the Social Media Postings.
Contest Qualifiers
If contest winners qualify for other prizes, select contest qualifiers for reporting and winner selection.
Prize Vault Access
Check this option if the announcer can add prizes from the Prize Vault while playing this contest.
Rules and Regulations
Enter the details of the contest for the on-air staff. This information appears when the contest is selected and provides the on-air staff with the necessary information about the contest.
Off Air Information
Enter any notes or other information that may be useful to the announcer. Ticket sales, directions to a concert, etc.
If the contest runs all day everyday with a single prize, enter the prize data in this location. If the contest has a schedule, this area will display the schedule. If so, you may click this area to access the Schedule or select Schedule Contest from the Tools Menu or click the Schedule Icon. (See Contest Scheduling)
Once your contest data is entered be sure to Save the contest.

Status Bar

The bottom of the Contest Maintenance Window contains a status bar indicating the name of the contestant database, the number of times the contest is scheduled to be played, the number of times the contest has been played (number of entries in the contestant database) and the number of times the contest is yet to be played. This information can be used to balance your prize inventory ensuring the necessary prizes are available.

Contest Scheduling

If available, select the default disclaimer/release notice for this contest
Start Time
Enter the time of day the contest is to start.
End Time
Enter the time of day the contest is to end.
Enter the number of times the contest is to be played.
Fair Market Value
Enter the fair market value of the prize for tax purposes.
Enter a description of the prizes to be awarded on the selected days.
Select the day(s) the contest is to run this schedule and click Apply Schedule.

To change existing schedule information, click the day column and the schedule data for that day will be placed in the appropriate areas. Make the necessary changes, select the days to apply the schedule and click “Apply Schedule”.

Once a contest is scheduled, the on-air module will limit access to this contest to the scheduled, days, times and plays. The contest will appear in the on-air log but can only be accessed during the scheduled times.

Setting Station Filters

Station filters may be used to limit access to one or more specific stations. If you have separate promotions departments for each station this will keep the information separate. If a single promotions group is responsible for more than one station select the stations) from the list or remove the filters.

  1. Select Set Station Filter from the Tools Menu to open the Station Filters window.
  2. Select the Stations you wish to Access.
  3. Click Set Filter

** To Remove the filters, Select Set Station Filter from the Tools menu and click Remove Filters.

Social Media Formatting

To set the default format for your social media pages, select Social Media Message from the View message and enter the wording using the various merge codes to define where the data will appear.

Schedule Views

Schedule Views provide the ability to see a list of contest and prizes (Full Schedule), a summary of all contests for a selected day (Summary) or a month view listing all contests and a prize summary in a calendar format. If desired, you may limit this list to a single contest as shown in the following example:

  1. Select Run Schedule from the View Menu or click the View Daily Schedules from the Toolbar.
  2. If not already selected, select the station from the drop down list, any date in the month from the calendar and click the Month View style.
  3. Once the month view is shown, select the desired contest from the contest list. **Note: If the selected contest has a Promo Code, all contests for that promo code will be shown. For example: In this sample we have selected our "Entertainment This Week" contest, which has a promo code of ETW. This displays the prizes for the "Entertainment This Week scheduled Feb 9 – 12" and "Entertainment This Week Dup I" also promo code ETW scheduled Feb 16-19.

Use the Forward and Back arrows to move from month to month and the Clear command to clear the contest selection and show all contests for the month.

Prize Vault

If desired, you may create a list of prizes that may be given away at the announcer's discretion using the Prize Vault. To add, delete or update items in the Prize Vault click the Prize Vault icon in the tool bar or Select Prize Vault from the View Menu.

To change an item, click on the item in the prize vault list. This will fill in the window with the existing information. Correct the information and click Update.

To Delete an Item, highlight the item in the Prize Vault List and click the Delete from Vault button.

Enter a description of the prize, as it is to appear in the Pickup Window and on the release form.
If desired, you may limit specific items to specific day parts. Enter the Start and end time and click the days the item will be available in the studio. Use the Clear command to remove all times.
Select the stations that can use this prize.
Enter the number of prizes available. Please note: if you have 20 tickets and are giving away 2 tickets at a time the quantity would be 10.
Prizes such as concert tickets would end no later than the concert date. Enter a date or click the Calendar icon "C" to select from the calendar.
Product ID Bar Code
Enter your order ID or use your Bar code reader to add the item number.
(Future use in Prize Inventory Sub-System)
Enter the Fair Market Value for this prize for Tax reporting purposes.

** Note: The prize vault will only be available for a contest where the Prize Vault option has is selected. When this contest is selected in the On-Air module the Prize Vault key will appear. Click the key to access the prize vault.


The Contest Maintenance Module includes several predefined reports including the E-Mail selection process that can be accessed using the Reports Icon from the Tool Bar or selecting Reports (Ctrl+R) from the View Menu.

Selecting the entries for a given report can be done using the following criteria. To select all entries for any selection leave that area blank.

To select winners for specific stations, select the stations to use. If you are selecting a specific contest that only runs on one station, the station selection should be left blank. Using the above example, if we selected FM96 and selected a contest that only ran on Energy, out listing would be blank.
Enter the first date to select winners. Leave blank to select winners since the start. Enter dates as DDMMMYY or click the “C” to select from the calendar.
Enter the last date to select. (Same format as From Date) Use the From and To dates to select winners for a given period. For Example, if you would like a list of winners for last week, enter the "From" as the start of the week, "To" as the end of the week and select your report. Only winners in that time period will be selected.
If you have several contests as part of a single promotion, select the Promo Code from the drop down list. This will select winners for all of the related contests.
Use this area to filter the selections shown on the report to those selected. If nothing is selected the demographic information will not be used in the selection process.
To select winners for a specific contest, select the contest from the drop down list.
Include on Report
Like Demographic information use this are to further filter the report selections and format the report. eg. Selecting the Prizes option will display the full prize description for each entry.
CSBallot Response
If you are reporting on remote entries from CSBallot and you had ballot questions, use this area to select which responses to use for the report.

Once your selections are entered, select the report from the following pre-defined reports:

Pre-Defined Reports

If desired, you may use the CSContest Extract feature to export all winner information into a text file that can be imported into other applications including most database and spreadsheet products. Once imported, you may use your own report writing software to create any number of reports, charts, maps, etc.

However, CSContest also provides access to the several common reports. Selecting the report from the report window and clicking the Create Report Command access these.

Contest Summary
A list of all Contests in the system showing number of calls, winners, uncollected prizes, sponsors, etc.
Winners (default)
A list of all winners for the selected information. You may also use this list to correct or delete winner information.
Winner Labels
Produce mailing labels for the selected winners.
Club Members
Print only Club Members (similar to selecting Club Members Only)
Cell Numbers
Print a list of entries with a cell number.
Taxable Winners
List of all individuals with taxable winnings. When selected you may select Over taxable value to add or remove winners under the tax limit set in the properties window. When shown, you will have the option of printing 1099-MISC tax forms.
SNN Summary
List of all individuals with a summary of total winnings for the year and a notation if the necessary tax forms are on file.
Prize Vault Winners
List of all individuals that have won prizes from the Prize Vault.
Prize Pickup List
List of all prizes yet to be collected.
Zip/FSA Stats
Print summary totals and % by Zip Code or Postal Code
Special Handling
List all winners that are to be called when prizes arrive or have other special processing.
Exchange Stats
Summary of listeners by telephone exchange number.
Gender/Age Stats
Summary of listeners with age and gender totals.
Unclaimed Prizes
List all winners that have NOT collected their prize.
Prize Mailing List
Print a list (mail labels) for all prizes coded for mailing
Mailed Prizes
List all prizes that were mailed to the winners.
Prize List
List of prizes that have been collected
Mail Out of Town
List of small prizewinners or out of town listeners where prizes will be mailed.
Guest List
List of individual on the Guest list for a specific contest. The list can be sent or faxed to the event organizers.
Print a list of all contestants that have won more than once.
City Stats
Summary totals and % by City/Town
Sponsor Summary
List all winners by sponsor.
Sponsor Report
Same as Sponsor Summary but a separate page for each sponsor.
E-Mail Winners
Select Winners to e-mail. When entered, you will also be given the ability to enter an e-mail search word. Enter all or part of an e-mail address to restrict the selection to e-mail addresses containing the keyword. For example: Enter HOTMAIL and only HOTMAIL e-mail addresses will be selected. This can be useful in tracking a specific e-mail request.
Select Winners
Enter the number of winners to be selected and click Create Report to randomly select the number of winners as specified.
Not Played
A list of all contests that were scheduled but have no winner.qualifer entries.

E-Mail (Requires MAPI e-mail such as Outlook)

CSContest can be used to automate bulk e-mailing to listeners that have requested e-mail notifications. Using the CSContest Report Window we select the individual to include in this e-mail. This may include our phone-in winners that have signed our release form requesting e-mail notifications and / or individuals that have signed up and given permission for e-mail notifications.

Once we have selected our entries, we may schedule the e-mail of specific messages in either “bulk” or “personalized” form. These messages may be a test-based e-mail generated using the CSContest E-Mail window, or we may choose an HTML generated external to CSContest.

E-Mail Notes:

  1. If using HTML check your Microsoft Outlook E-Mail settings to ensure they are set to send HTML. If not, Outlook may convert your formatting to Plain Text.
  2. For all bulk E-Mail, be sure to check with your ISP for best scheduling times. Some ISP's will NOT allow bulk e-mail or will require advance notice.
  3. It is recommended that "Best Practices" be used to avoid a "SPAMMER" label. Regardless of the regulations that may or may not be in your area, your Listener makes the final decision as to what is and what is not SPAM.
  4. You can minimize the size and load of your mail servers if you put the links to your graphic and media files in the HTML e-mail instead of embedding the file in the e-mail.

Personalized E-Mail

You may add the individual's Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Contest Name, Win date, prize and station to your e-mail message by embedding the following codes in your text or HTML file.

*N* - Places the first and last name in the message i.e. Bob Smith
*F* - Places the first name in the message. I.e. Bob
*L* - Places the title and last name in the message i.e. Mr. Smith
*C* - Places the name of the contest this individual has won or entered as defined in the Contest file.
*D* - Places the date the individual won or entered the contest in the message.
*P* - Places the prize description as selected from the contest file at the time of the winning entry.
*S* - Places the Station ID as defined in the CSContest Setup settings.

HTML Content

Your Web Master can create your HTML e-mail for you and place the HTML file in the location specified in your CSContest Properties or if desired, you may use Outlook to create and save your HTML file.

CSWrite and the Center Stage users can update your HTML content using the “Save to Web” command contained in either module. Again, create your HTML file and include the CSWrite / CSLive HTML codes and save it as before. Use CSWrite or CSLive to create your copy and “Save to Web” in the CSContest HTML location.

Sample HTML E-Mail

Select your E-Mail listeners:

  1.      Click the Report Icon in the toolbar
  2.      Enter your selection criteria selecting the E-Mail report type

Sample: Selecting all entries in the 25K Song of the day contest.

Verify List and Select HTML File.

Verify the list noting the number of e-mail entries for ISP notification and click HTML E-Mail button.

Select HTML E-Mail file

Use the dropdown list to select the HTML file from your CSContest HTML location or use the Browse button to select another HTML File.
Enter your subject line as it is to appear on the E-Mail
Spam Check
CSContest includes a file of the common words / phrases used by Spam filters to delete Spam mail. Since your e-mail is not Spam, verifying against these words may help to get your message through the filter. You may also send a test message to a Spam filter site to further verify your message is not mistaken for spam.
Send E-Mail To
To test you HTML e-mail you may choose to send the e-mail to a single e-mail account. CSContest will default this address to your CSContest Property setting but you can change it here. (Also useful for sending replacement e-mail to a single individual.)
Save Settings
Once you have selected your E-Mail entries, HTML file, and entered your subject line you must save these settings. Click Save Settings and enter a name and location for this specific e-mail message.
The final step is to schedule your e-mail for a specific date and time or to “Send Now”

Schedule E-Mail

When the E-mail is created or by clicking the E-Mail Schedule Icon from the toolbar, you can specify the date and time to send the e-mail.

Select a date from the calendar.
Select the time to send the e-mail
Send Now
Click Send Now to force the e-mail to be sent now.
Delete E-Mail
Click the Delete E-Mail to cancel the e-mailing.
View List
Click the View List to see the list of all individuals that will be e-mailed.
Update Schedule
Click the Update Schedule to apply your changes.
Click the Hold button to run the Contest module and NOT send the e-mail.
Click the Cancel button to close the Schedule Window.

** Note: Once a schedule has been entered you must leave the computer running the CSConset module. When the day and time are reached, the program will send the e-mail and close the program.

Sending Permission Based E-Mail is similar to sending any other E-Mail message. First we select the individuals to receive the e-mail, secondly we will create our e-mail message and finally, we will send the message. Unlike a normal e-mail, we may be sending to a large number of individuals that will each receive a separate e-mail message. There are no CC or BC links that would allow one listener to see or use other listener’s e-mail address. E-Mails may use an HTML template that includes the station graphics, colour, fonts, etc. so fonts, colour or styles used to create the message will not matter.

Start the CSContest Maintenance program and click the Reports Icon in the toolbar.

Set the selection criteria and click Create Report.

When the E-Mail list appears, Click New E-Mail to open the E-Mail window. Enter a subject line, your e-mail message and click Send. When the Schedule window appears, click Send Now.

Once the E-Mail process is started, the program will wait for 60 seconds to ensure the e-mail connection is made and any new e-mail is downloaded. After the 60 seconds, the program will start sending e-mail messages with a 10 second delay after every 100 e-mail messages. The progress bar will indicate the status within CSContest. However, CSContest can send much faster than Outlook can process so you will need to leave the computer running for several minutes after CSContest is completed. Opening Outlook and watching the Outbox folder will monitor the progress.

Sample HTML Template

The following is a simple HTML template with the merge code ***COPY*** where your message will appear. The font, style, colour, etc are all defined in this template. To minimize the overhead on the e-mail server we save the graphic files on our web site and place the links in the template. In this example the banner is a graphics file call APT.jpg and the background is a graphic called ClearDay.jpg. In this case we have also placed a link to the web page when the banner is clicked.

<body background="http://www.arcticpalm.com/images/ClearDay.jpg">
<p align="left"><a href="http://www.arcticpalm.com/">
<img border="0" src="http://www.arcticpalm.com/images/APT.jpg" width="690" height="92"></a></p>
<p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 1"><font size="2" color="#000080" face="Courier New">
<p style="margin-top: 1; margin-bottom: 1">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="margin-top: 1; margin-bottom: 1"><font size="1">If you wish to stop
receiving Release Updates please
<a href="mailto:csbuck@arcticpalm.com?subject=Cancel">click here</a> and enter
Cancel in the Subject Line</font></p>

The template also contains our opt-out e-mail link that will open the e-mail program with the word Cancel in the subject line. When using CSMailer to update our bounce backs, it will use this subject line to add the address to the remove list.

This is the actual E-Mail, as it would appear using the above HTML code.

Updating Web Form Entries

To update our "Listener Club" information or remove opt-out and bounced back messages, we do the following:

1. Start CSMailer

CSMailer will scan the Outlook e-mail account and display all items in the In-Box. The messages will be displayed in one of three areas. 1st any e-mail message that may have been sent to this account, 2nd any listener that has asked to be removed from the e-mail list and 3rd any new members that have signed up using the web form.

2. Update new members

Ensure the proper station is shown. If not, select the correct station from the drop down list and click Update to add these listeners to the database.

3. Remove Opt-Out and Bounce Backs

Click Remove to delete the opt-outs and bounce backs from the database. Please note: This process will scan the entire CSContest database and remove ALL references to the e-mail address.

4. Check listener E-Mail messages

Since this is a valid e-mail account, listeners may respond to this account with questions or comments about the e-mail, programming etc. Using CSMailer you may view these messages to see what action may be necessary. However, to respond, delete or forward these messages you will need to exit CSMailer and open Outlook. CSMailer will NOT delete these messages so they must be handled in Outlook.

Outlook Settings

CS Contest will use the automation features of Outlook to send your e-mail. As such, we recommend the following:

  1. A special "promo" e-mail account is created for handling the Permission Based E-Mail. 
  2. Configure the e-mail account with the "Send messages immediately when connected" turned on.
  3. The "Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder" be turned off
  4. If using HTML messages, be sure the "Send messages in this format" is set to HTML

Web Form Codes

Web Form Entry                                 Web Form Data
FIRST_NAME                                     First Name
LAST_NAME                                      Last Name
ADDRESS                                           Address i.e. 12 Grand Ave
CITY                                                    City
FROM                                                 E-Mail Address
FAX                                                     E-Mail Address
DAYTIME_PHONE                             Phone Number
EVENING_PHONE                             Phone Number
PROV                                                  Province / State
STATE                                                 Province / State
POSTAL_CODE                                 Postal Code / Zip Code
ZIP                                                      Postal Code / Zip Code
AGE                                                    Age
SUBJECT                                           Contest Name
STATION                                            Station Call Letters
COMMENTS                                      Comments (512 characters)

If you include the CSContest Web Form Codes when designing your Web Form and included these codes in your e-mail, CSMailer will extract the necessary information and build a contest entry for the contest specified in your Subject Line. Other then the Name and E-Mail address all other fields are options and any other information will be ignored. Some of the fields are duplicated to assist web form designers. For example, POSTAL_CODE and ZIP perform the same function and it will not matter which is used.

Data Extract

You may export your winner information for use in other applications by clicking the Winner or Contest Extract icons from the toolbar. When used, you will be requested to enter a file name and location where the text file is to be saved. Click OK and the program will format and save a comma delimited text file that can be used in Database applications, spreadsheets, geo coding software, etc.

When the extract is completed you will be prompted to print the file layout. Click yes to print the file format for use in building external databases.

Import Data

You may import these extract files to add information from remote contests. Select the Import Winner Icon, Select the file and click OK.


If desired you may password protect your Contest Setup Module. From the Toolbar select Password. Enter the password and click OK. Once set you will need to enter the password to access the contest data.

Trivia Questions

You may create a pool of trivia question for use in the contest by selecting the Question Icon from the tool bar.

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