CSPickup is used in your prize pickup area to award prizes. Again, using the individual’s name or telephone number the program will display all contest and prize information. In addition, any notes, questions, requests recorded by the on-air staff at the time of the win are shown for a more personal touch. When the prize is collected, the program will print a prize collection receipt that includes the station's disclaimer, release rights, and an e-mail notification request.

Language Support

If desired, the CS Contest Management windows may be shown in English, Spanish or French. To change the language, select the language from the Window Menu.

Please note, the Language and Keyboard settings control how the computer handles date information which will be determined by the keyboard language setting. The date formats of DDMMMYY will be determined by the language setting. When entering dates you will need to follow the format defined in the computers Language Settings. For Example, 15AUG09 in English would be 15Août09 if French and 15AGOSTO09 in Spanish. It is the Keyboard setting and NOT the language setting that will control how dates are entered.

CSContest Prize Pickup

The CSContest Prize Pickup module is run in the reception area where the prizes are to be collected. The receptionist can enter the contestant’s phone number or name to get a complete list of all contest and prizes for than contestant. When the individual has been identified we can verify and update the individual’s information, get their release and e-mail permission and print a receipt. The receipt is our documentation of the individual’s agreement to release rights, e-mail permission and our legal conditions.

Select the Phone number from the phone list or the Name from the name list and all information for the individual will be displayed including the prize. We can now verify the contact information, get the release and e-mail notification request and update the database. When updated, a receipt will be printed for the contest winner’s signature.

Tip: Using a few characters of the individual’s last name will display a list of all matching entries. CSPickup will match to the number of characters entered and is NOT case sensitive.

Information for this entry may be updated by using the Save option instead of the update command. The save option updates the information to the database the same as the update command but the entry is NOT marked as collected. This may be useful when notified about someone else collecting the prize or other information that needs to be corrected.

If the contest Disclaimer/Release notice is listener related such as an adult or youth notice, use the drop down box to select the notice appropriate for this listener.

Note: If the announcer awarded a prize from the prize vault, this information will be shown in yellow in the notes area separating prize vault awards from regular prizes.

Disclaimer/Release View

When using electronic signatures you will need to show the listener the Disclaimer/Release notice they are signing. This can be done by actually printing the Winner Sheet, providing a printed copy of the Disclaimer/Release or by Clicking the Yellow View command to show the completed Disclaimer/Release.

This display can be sized and moved to the desired location or a secondary monitor.

Electronic Signatures

CSPickup supports the SigGem 1x5 signature pad from Topaz. If used, the signature window will appear when the Collect command is given.

When the window appears, have the listener sign the pad and click Accept. Use the Erase command to re-do the signature and the Cancel command to print a hard copy for signing.

When the accept command is given the database and signature will be updated and you will have the option to print a hard copy.

If a hardcopy is not required at this time, select No. Of course, the hardcopy can be printed at a later time if it is required.

Contest Schedules

In some cases it can be helpful to see what contests were running on what stations and when they were running. This can be done using the CSPickup Contest Schedule Window.

Click the date on the Calendar to see what contests were scheduled for that day and use the Full or Summarized view to see the details of the contest. In the summary view we see the name of the contest by station, the time of day the contest ran and the number of plays for that day. The full view also displays this information but adds the contest rules, on-air information and prizes.

Mail List

Each time the Pickup module is started or refreshed, it will check for any entries requesting the prize be mailed. If there are any entries, the Mail icon will be available. Click the icon and the pickup module will produce a list of the names, addresses and prizes to be mailed.

Adding Entries

On occasion, an announcer may award a prize on-air outside of the scheduled times or plays. Since the contest is marked as over, not started or completed, the announcer will be restricted from entering the information directly. However, the information can be passed to the Prize Collection area and the prize can be added at any time.

This process is restricted to the prize pickup area and overrides the contest schedules.

To add an entry:

Step 1
Select Add Entry from the Tools Menu

Step 2
Select the Contest from the List and the date from the Calendar.
If you are adding an entry outside of the scheduled dates the program will display a warning but you will be allowed to continue.

Step 3
Click OK.

Step 4
The Program will return you to the Pickup Window with the selected contest ready to accept the contestant's information.

Step 5
Enter the information and click Add.

Updating Winner List

As entries are added by the on-air staff, the CSPickUp winner list is updated every 60 seconds. If you need to update sooner or would like to ensure you have all of the latest information, you can force a refresh by selecting Refresh from the Tools Menu or clicking the lightning bolt icon in the toolbar.

Collection Status Reporting

The CSPickUp module includes a special Collection Status report process allowing reception to verify what has and has not been collected. To access the report, select the Collection Icon from the toolbar.

Check the stations in the station list for the stations to be included on the report. If nothing is selected, all stations will be included in the report.
From and To
Using the calendar select the from and to dates for the report. The from date will default to the collect in period but may be altered using the From Calendar.
If desired, enter a keyword to search the entries for a specific winner, prize, contest, etc.
Use the sequence command to alter the sequence in which entries are shown on the report.
Select these options to filter the selections to either those items that have been collected or those that have not. If both options are checked or unchecked all entities will be shown.
Create Report
Once your options have been selected, click Create Report to build the report.
Print List
Use this command to print the summary report.
Print Winner Sheets
Use this option to print or re-print copies of the winner sheets for the selected entries.
Prize View
Since the list only shows part of the prize description, click on an entry to view the entire prize description or double click to open the entry in the collection window.

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