The CSContest Software is designed to simplify the control, processing and prize collection for your station's contests. At the same time, the software captures and provides access to your listeners through reporting, data extracts, mail labels and even an automated personalized e-mail to listeners requesting information via e-mail --- No Spam.

The software has four modules, CSConSet, CSContest, CSPickup and CSMailer.

CSConSet is the contest maintenance module providing the necessary commands to create and schedule contests and promotions. This module includes the entire after contest processes for tracking listeners, selecting grand prizewinners, listener contact, etc.

CSContest is the On-air module providing the on-air staff this daily log of all contests to be run and the necessary process to capture and verify winner information. Based on the individual’s name or telephone number, the announcer will be shown previous wins for all related stations, highlighting wins on this station in the last 30 days.

CSPickup is used in your prize pickup area to award prizes. Again, using the individual’s name or telephone number the program will display all contest and prize information. In addition, any notes, questions, requests recorded by the on-air staff at the time of the win are shown for a more personal touch. When the prize is collected, the program will print a prize collection receipt that includes the station's disclaimer, release rights, and an e-mail notification request.

CSMailer scans your promotions e-mail inbox looking for individuals that have signed up via your web page (web form), individuals requesting the opt-out (un-subscribe) or have un-deliverable e-mail addresses. When the scan is completed, the users will have the option to update the new entries or remove the opt-out entries. The CSMailer module requires Microsoft Outlook.

Remote Access The CSContest software includes a special Remote version that can be installed on a laptop or other PC used at a remote location. (Trade Shows, Fairs, Concerts, etc.) Using the CSContest winner extract, your listener data can be downloaded to the remote PC for use at the event. When the event is over, the new information may be extracted from the remote PC and imported back to the network. The remote Access version does not require a license but is limited to two contests at any one time.


CSContest is licensed by the station and does not require individual workstation licenses. Therefore, you may install as many copies of the individual modules as necessary at your site. The remote version has a two-contest limit and may be installed on as many remote workstations as required.


With CSContest version 5.2 and higher, we can post winners/qualifiers to Twitter and/or Facebook using the new CSSocial Plug-in. Once configured and authenticated, we will post the winning or qualifier at a user definable period.

“Congratulations Brian from Orlando our Hit of the Day Winner”

Language Support

If desired, the CS Contest Management windows may be shown in English, Spanish or French. To change the language, select the language from the Window Menu.

Please note, the Language and Keyboard settings control how the computer handles date information which will be determined by the keyboard language setting. The date formats of DDMMMYY will be determined by the language setting. When entering dates you will need to follow the format defined in the computers Language Settings. For Example, 15AUG09 in English would be 15Août09 if French and 15AGOSTO09 in Spanish. It is the Keyboard setting and NOT the language setting that will control how dates are entered.

If running the on-air module on the same computer or area as the Radio Automation System, you can select the RAS Blue option to more closely match the contesting window to the look of the automation system.

CSContest On-Air

The On-Air module provides announcers with up to date contest information showing the status of all contests for the current broadcast day. Access to detailed and summary log information is available at anytime showing what contests should be active, which contests are over, what contest are coming up and all winners of all

The CSContest On-air module also provides the on-air staff with a data access and capture process allowing the on-air staff to enter the winner information with a minimal effort. At the same time, the on-air staff has immediate access and acknowledgement of previous winner information. While we would prefer our on-air
staff to complete all entry forms, we realize the pressure of a live broadcast can make this difficult. Since the information will be verified when the prize is collected, the on-air staff can, if necessary, enter minimal information allowing the Prize Reception area to complete the form when the prize is collected.

This area will contain a list of all contests scheduled for this date, time and station. As a contest becomes active it is added to the list, as the contest time passes or the number of plays for the contest is reached, the contest is removed from the list. Select the contest from the list to see the contest details and prizes for this play.
Day Part
If required, select the show name or day part. The Default will be based on the current time.
If you have assigned questions to this contest, the question button will be available. Click the question button and select a question and answer from the list. This information will be placed in the notes area ready for the next caller.
Phone Entries
This drop down list contains a complete list of previous* winner telephone numbers. We can select from the list or enter a phone number and press tab to get a list of all winners at that phone number.
Name Entries
This drop down list contains a complete list of previous* winner names. We can select from the list or enter a partial name and press Tab to get a list of all matching entries. This same lookup is available from the Last Name field.
View History
If this individual has won before, we can see the previous winner information by selecting the Details / Correct command. This will display the previous history and allow us to update the winner’s information.
Winner Info
Enter the contestant's name, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail and other information as required. The program will require the name and phone number allowing the prize collection Receptionist to find the entry.
Special Handling
Use this option to notify reception that this prize requires special attention. Like selecting the Mail option this will print a label with your instructions in the notes area.
Notes If desired, you can add information that may be useful to the prize collection receptionist about this particular contestant.
Prize Vault
If the contest has been given access to the prize vault, a Key will appear below the Notes area. Click the Key and the Prize Vault window will appear. Any prize selected from the vault will show in the notes area for the receptionist indicating this is from the prize vault and is in addition to the regular prize.
Grand Prize
Use this command to randomly select a winner from the contest entries. Includes all contests with the same Promo Code.
Select this option (if available) to display the contest winner on you RDS/RBDS/HD Radio and web site displays. Item appear 15 min. after the update and stays in the rotation for 1 hour.
When all information has been entered, click the Add button to update the entry to the file. You will be notified when the update is completed.

*Previous Winner schedule is set using the CSContest Properties in the Load Last default setting. If we are looking for winners in the last 30 days we may want to limit the load to 35-60 days. This will speed the initial process and limit the resources required to run the on-air modules.

Tip: When entering a name use the first few letters of the last name to avoid spelling errors. CSContest will match to the number of letters entered and is NOT case sensitive.

When a matching name or phone number is entered, the matching
entries will be shown in the selection window. Double click the entry
you wish to use and the entry form will automatically be filled in. If the
new entry is NOT to be linked to existing entries click the New button
above the last name entry.

Contest copy, prize and off air information can be displayed using the
user definable prompter. The prompter can be re-sized and positioned
as desired as well as the font size and bolding.
If linked to the Center Stage Live CSRDS module, the prompter can
automatically be displayed based on an event in the automation
system. (Cart Number or information in the Artist or Title data sent
from the automation system to CSRDS.

Selecting a Grand Prize Winner

When the Grand Prize command is used, the program will show a list of all qualifiers.

When the window appears the Select Prize Winner command will be available. Click this command and the program will select an entry at random and display the winner along with their contact information.

Select the Post on RDS Display to add the prize winner to the RDS\RBDS\HD Radio and web site and click Update Winner to update the database.

Contest Log

Selecting Full Log (F4) or summary Log (F5) from the log menu will display a complete list of all contests for the day. The log is in three parts showing the contests that are currently active, the contest that will be coming up later in the day and the contests that are over.

Correcting / Deleting entries

In addition, the bottom portion of the log contains a list of all winners by contest for the day. If necessary, you may double click on a winner entry to update or delete their information. For example, if an entry was made in error, double click on the winner entry and select delete from the update window. This will remove the contestant from the contest and add the contest back to the list.

Prize Vault Selection

When the Vault Key icon is shown and used the Prize Vault List will appear. The announcer may select one or more prizes to be added to this contestant’s prize list.

The top portion of the window displays the prizes and the number available (shown as the number on the right.

To add a prize, double click the prize (in blue) in the top portion of the window. The prize will be added to the list on the bottom (in red) and the quantity is reduced by 1.

Note: The vault will NOT be updated until the winner is added. Therefore, if you delete or do not use this winner the vault will not be affected.

To remove a prize, from the selected list double click the prize (in red). This will remove the prize from the list and increase the quantity by one.

To add the prizes to the winner entry, click Add Prizes. This will place a notation in the winner database stating additional prizes that were awarded by the announcer.

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