To assist with support issues a Support Pack generator has been added to CSRDS. When a station is having issues with an instance of CSRDS they can select Export Support Pack from the Help Menu. When CSRDS is posting metadata to the various devices, control is turned over the device driver until the posting is complete so information cannot be entered. 

To ensure the Support Pack can be generated, especially if communication is the issue, CSRDS will be paused while the Support Pack process is active. To ensure the timing is correct, the user will be prompted to Pause CSRDS during the support pack generation. When the prompt appears click Yes to start the report.

When started, this screen will appear to accept a brief description of the issue and click Send Support Pack. When completed click Send Support Pack.

When completed, the user will be notified as to where the file was created and directed to send the report to support@arcticpalm.com.

Click OK and CSRDS will start posting again.

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