The process of sending images as station logos differs from the process of sending them as artwork.  Station logos utilize the data services created for logos in the HD systems while artwork utilizes the services created for album art.  Logos are stored in the volatile memory of the receiver, and given that some receivers have limited memory that cannot be recovered, this option should be used sparingly.  

The behavior of the Station Logo and Static Message in Arctic Palm is that of a fallback.  If no artwork or message is available at a given time, these are the images and the messages that will appear on receivers.


  1. Start CSScheduler and select Logo/Static Scheduler from the Tools Menu

2. Select the Station ID From the Drop Down list
3. Enter the RDS\PAD Static Message. This is the message that will display when there are no music or promotional messages scheduled for this date and time.
4. For client of sponsorships, select the Verify option to create an “As Run” entry for confirmation of performance reporting.
5. Use the Browse command to select the artwork for this static message.
6. Set the Start and End Date for this entry.
7. Set the On and Off Times and select the days of the week the entry should be used.
8. Click Save to update the entry
To correct or delete and entry, double click the entry in the Logo Schedule List and make the necessary changes or delete the entry. Use the New Schedule command to clear the window ready for a new entry.

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