To block satellite metadata from a satellite feed we enter a “Fixed Time” entry in CSScheduler. This is scheduled the same as any other event only we select the Timed Option and set the Len in seconds (3600 = 1 hour 28,800 = 8 hours, etc). We then select the dates and when we set the on-time, the program will calculate the off time. Once entered click Update to save the entry.


When the date arrives the “Fixed Time” entry will show in the third Message area. When linked to the Satellite/Remote instance you will see the Remote Feed times when the satellite instance is active.

If you do not see this information during remote periods the instances are not linked and the satellite data will be posted as normal. To link Local and Satellite instances of CSRDS both the Center Stage Station ID in the General Tab AND the PS in the RDS\RBDS tab must be identical.

Local CSRDS – When Fixed Time event starts

When the time is reached, the local instance will post the Fixed Time message to the various displays and set a “block” for the Satellite Instance. This is noted with the “Timed” message in the bottom posting area.

Satellite/Remote CSRDS

During the blocked period the satellite instance will continue to capture the now playing data but all data will be ignored for the duration of the times event leaving the message from the local instance in the display. The bottom area will show the Local event posted that is blocking the satellite data.

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