Why Use It?

The concept has changed for CSSocial and it no longer supports facebook but does post to twitter.

The change in concept is to drive new listeners to your station rather then send data to those who are already listening.

Basically you  setup a special “Playlist” Twitter Account and CSSocial will capture data from CSRDS and post each song as it is played. It turns the artist into a Hash Tag and has a setting for a URL. We do not expect anyone to follow this account as it will be posting every few minutes and could be very annoying. However, when someone who has never heard of your station clicks a link to an artist they like and you play their music, the search comes up with your station and the link to your web site or player.


Make sure there are no blockers in your security system that would stop it from posting to your twitter account.

Once you have your Twitter Playlist account created,

  •  Start CSScheduler and Select Social Media Songs from the Tools Menu.
  • Check All Songs and Use Artist as the Hash Tag
  • Enter the URL you would like listeners to access when the song appears in their Search List.
  • Click Save
  • In CSRDS select Properties from the Tools Menu
  • In the General Tab set the “SM All Songs ID” to ID used on your twitter account. This must be different than the Center Stage ID. EG. KAPT-FM to KAPT-PL.
  • Save your settings and put CSRDS back online.
  • Start CSSocial and select Properties from the Tools Menu
  • Enter the Playlist Station ID
  • Ensure the Installation location is where Center Stage is Installed

  • Use the Authorize command to set your Twitter Login.
  • Enter the username and password for the Twitter Account to be Updated and click Authorize App
  • When the PIN is displayed enter it in the PIN area and click Authorize
  • Save the Settings and add the Station ID to the CSSocial shortcut
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