When CSRDS starts, it checks the start command (Target line in Shortcut) for the name of the configuration file to start. If the argument is not present, it will try to start the last know instance. If that cannot be found or is incorrect, it will check the “Start In” path for the license file. If the Start In filed in the shortcut is not present, it may not find the installation directory resulting in the Trial Ended error.


  • Check the root of the windows directory for the CSRDSxxxxxx.ini files where xxxxxx is the PS, as defined in the RDS\RBDS Tab of CSRDS and is used for the configuration file name. Once you have the correct PS as shown in the CSRDSxxxxxx.ini file, right click on the shortcut and select properties. Add the PS to the end of the Target Line. Eg. C:\CenterStage\CSRDS.exe PALM-FM. If not filled, in enter the installation path in the Start In field of the Shortcut. 
  • If the drives have been moved it may be necessary to edit the actual CSRDSxxxxxx.ini file. This can be done using notepad but care should be taken to ensure the updated information is correct and in the same format as shown in the ini file.
  • Ensure the license code has been entered and was done in the Installation directory. To do this, run CSScheduler and select About from the Help menu.

This will display the License code, the number of licensed stations, the number of used licenses and the Running From Directory which should be in the installation directory. This should also be the directory shown as the Center Stage Installation Directory in the General Tab of CSRDS.

If the Running from directory is correct and the license is showing an Expiration Date, then the license was never entered, the software was re-installed or the original licensing was a different directory and/or station. This will require the software to be re-licensed. If the site has a support license, we re-set the license code and they can re-license the software. If they do not have a support license and have downloaded and installed the new trial version, they will need to bring their support license up to date, purchase the upgrade or re-install the original version for re-licensing.

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