In some cases, the PS information will display but it will take several seconds for the Radio Text to display. This may not be noticeable on receivers that only have a one line display showing the PS, but newer receivers will display both the PS and Radio text in a single display and the delay is noticeable. 


There are two factors controlling the Radio Text and how quickly it gets to the receiver. These are the injection level. Normally 3.5 to 4.5 are good and the DSRT rate or the scroll rate for the Radio text. 

For most encoders, the injection level will need to be set on the encoder itself while the DSRT will be in the configuration settings. In CSRDS, select Properties from the Tools Menu and select the RDS\RBDS Tab. Set the DSRT to 9 and the DPSS to 5. Click OK to save the settings and return to the main controller window and Click F5-Start to put CSRDS back on-line. For Inovonics encoders, click Configure to update the encoder settings. For other, use the Web Interface to update the DSRT and DPSS.

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